About Cornish Rock Gin

The story of how we started

The whole idea of Rock Gin was dreamed up while walking our dog, Blue, on Rock Beach. We then named our still Bonanza Boy after our favourite racehorse and now he has now produced a stable of six fabulous gins and to add to the stable, Rock Distillery has produced three amazing rums.

We made our Original Rock Gin, which is a smooth dry clear gin with a great lingering taste. We then progressed onto our Pink Rock Gin which is a very dry gin enhanced by red champagne grapes grown for us by our friends at the Pierre Gobillard champagne house in Hautvilliers. Next came our Cornish Gold Rock Gin this being a real gin drinkers tipple as it is very dry and peppery but still smooth and makes the perfect “Dry Martini”. Then along came our Rock Blue Angel Gin which again is a wonderful smooth dry gin with Blue Gardenia flower and grains of paradise which seem to enrich the other botanicals in the gin. Next we made Rock Orange Sunset, which has a truly orange tang to it which develops more with the addition of tonic. Finally we made our Rock Cherry Kiss, a clear red gin with a fabulous delicate cherry rich taste.

Now onto Cornish Spiced Rum this is a dark rum spiced with cinnamon, vanilla, orange peel, allspice and cubeb pepper which results in a spicy caramel taste. In addition to this we have made White Espresso Rum which is white rum distilled with Espresso coffee grown by our nephew in Kenya and flown to us fresh from roasting, you can really taste the coffee and it is special. Finally we have a fabulous Cornish Red Rum, first spiced and then enhanced with rich red cherries.

We make our gin and rum in a very small overcrowded distillery in a beautiful wooded valley and no batch is released without us testing it on all the locals and only when they all agree that it is perfect do we release it for sale. We are a small batch distillery and our gin and rum is made with passion and a lot of fun then cut with pure Cornish spring water and here’s hoping the adventure continues.

The range so far!
more to come!

The Rock Gin Classic

We recommend you make the Rock Gin Classic with
grapefruit or orange peel with Fever Tree tonic and lots of ice. Stir and serve.


with Fever-Tree light or
Mediterranean tonic Half shot of Rock Gin, big shot of Fever-Tree Light, topped up with pink Champagne.

Classic Gold Rock

Ice and a slice of lemon, with either Fever Tree Light for a refreshing taste or Fever Tree ginger ale for a warm spicy cocktail or even Fever Tree aromatic for a really unique flavour.

Dry Rock Goldtini

1/3rd Extra Dry Vermouth, 2/3rd Cornish Gold Rock Gin. Serve either shaken with ice or just stirred. Add an olive or a twist of lemon peel

Pink Rock Classic

A shot of Pink Rock Gin, lots of ice, Raspberries and a sprig of mint, with Fever-Tree Soda Water

Double Pink Champ Rock Ginster

Half shot of Pink Rock Gin, big shot of Fever-Tree Light, topped up with pink Champagne

Classic Blue Angel

In a coppa glass put ice and a few blueberries, then pour in Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and splash a shot of Rock Blue Angel Gin over the contents to enjoy the perfect cocktail.

Dry Rock Bluetini

This makes a really decadent and fantastic drink-in a martini glass (preferably chilled in the fridge) put a couple of blueberries on a cocktail stick and place in glass then half fill with vermouth then top with Blue Angel Gin and give a light stir with the blueberry stick-keep both the vermouth and gin in the fridge as adding ice to this spoils the flavour. Sit back and savour.
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