Cornish Rock Gin

About us

The whole idea of Rock Gin was dreamed up while walking our dog, Blue, on Rock Beach. We then named our still Bonanza Boy after our favourite racehorse and now he has produced a stable  of eight fabulous gins and to add to the stable Rock Distillery has produced eight amazing rums.

The first gin to hit Cornwall was our classic original gin, which is a wonderfully smooth tipple with a lingering aftertaste. This was swiftly followed by Pink Rock, a very dry gin enhanced by pink fermented champagne grapes-a unique and incredibly popular taste. Next came Cornish Gold, again an exceptionally smooth gin with a peppery flavour-top tip this makes a great dry martini. Cornish Gold was followed by Rock Blue Angel Gin, a fabulous gin in a rich blue colour with a smooth gentle gin taste. Soon after came Rock Orange Sunset, a light orange marmalade tasting gin. Next saw the arrival of Rock Cherry Kiss, a well rounded gin with more than a hint of cherries. Then new for 2021 we released Rock Mellow Yellow Saffron Gin, boasting a superb flavour profile with a deep, rich yellow colour and a real saffron flavour. The latest gin to be released is Rock Lemon Verbena Gin and this is a tangy citrus gin.

Now for the rum family, initially we made Cornish Spiced Rum with cinnamon, vanilla, orange peel, allspice and cubeb pepper resulting a spicy, peppery rum. Next we made White Espresso Cornish Rum, with the coffee being flown direct from our nephews’ farm in Kenya. After that came our Cornish Red Rum which is a light spiced rum enriched with plump red cherries. Now in 2021 we are releasing three new rums, the first is an incredibly special Cornish Saffron Rum with extra cinnamon, resulting in a smooth, full bodied flavour that is totally unique. The second one of the year to be released is our Cornish Pineapple dark spiced rum which – no surprise- has a rich pineapple flavour. Finally we have made our Cornish Vanilla spiced rum, a light spiced rum heavy on the vanilla. All Cornish Rock Gins are sugar free and made from the freshest and purest natural ingredients sourced from the best vendors, whether they are local or on the other side of the world. The Rock Distillery Rums, meanwhile are developed from sugar cane- as with all rums- but then distilled with the purest botanicals Cornish Rock Gin and Rum is made by a team of local artisans in the picturesque and dramatic landscape of the Allen Valley.


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